June 5 – 7, 2020

Let me be in a place where the earth is studied, used, and blessed…
— Bonnie Kellington Madrigal

Maintain your fences and your identity. Never give up on your tribe.
— Kathy DeForest, DeForest Ranch

Writing is much like art, presenting a picture. The artist or writers all have the same tools but the end product is an individual achievement. 
— Mark Coats, Coats Ranch

Stepping back from all we know to what we knew long ago.
— Tami Thompson

Create savannah-like ecosystems that team with grasses, herbivores and predators. Picture the Serengeti.
— Ben Trollinger, editor, Acres USA

Today’s rancher must heed not only the needs of their distinct lands but also their regional marketplaces.
— Charlie Deist, journalist, radio producer

Spencer Smith an his wife Abbey have educated hundreds of farmers and ranchers about holistic management.
— Sarah DeForest, CSU Chico College of Agriculture